Harley Davidson 2021+ NMSefi RevB



Plug and Play ECU for Harley Davidson models 2021+ Performance ECU, Custom Maps


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Product Details:


  • Full Sequential operation using MAP as Trigger sync
  • Repurpose unused pins
  • Dual Wheelie sensor inputs (Internal 6 axis gyroscope and external height sensor)
  • 5v and 12v compatible auxiliary sensor inputs
  • Diagnostics built in with OEM functionality (No need for laptop or expensive diagnostic equipment)
  • Flex fuel support
  • Boost controller support
  • Support for “Critical” error warning light
  • Dual LSU4.9 Widebands
  • Fully user programmable features using LUA
  • Per cylinder fuel and ignition trim maps
  • Fuel pressure sensor support
  • Easy to use


One of the key features is reusing pins for multiple inputs or outputs. For example, if your motorcycle model does not have a Chassis fan, you can reuse that pin to drive something else, like a Methanol injector. We also went for as easy to use canned tunes. In theory all you need to do is enter your vin number, select which options you’d like on, and you’re good to go! Alternatively if you contact us and send us the information, we’d be glad to pre-program the ECU here and send it off to you plug and play ready!