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News & customer vehicles

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Common EPAS/EHPS Connectors

Most of the competition tries to hide the connector part numbers hidden for some god forsake reason, I however do not share that sentiment. There is a fine line between financial motivation and just being an ass.

I on occasion release code opensource when I am sure it won’t financially hurt me, as there is no upside to keeping it hidden. In todays episode of this, its part numbers:


Revision 3 Unofficial release

Revision 3 is still not officially sold due to manufacturer of cases not following promised schedule; however, I’ve had a few people that are ok with ASA 3d printed cases. They are still water resistant and will work in vehicle cabins with no issues. If this applies to you, and you absolutely need revision 3 features, then please send me an email and we will get you all setup!

Revision 3 comes with bonus features such as Dual CAN support, pressure sensor inputs, and temperature sensor inputs!

It also acts as a VR Conditioner with CAN or 0-5v logical output!

PSC Shipped and released!

The first 4 prototypes were shipped for testing, and miraculously 20 more of revision 2 have arrived!

We are excited and have actually put them up on our store!


Universal Power steering pump controller

We had a miraculous breakthrough a few months ago, as one of our RusEFI engineers had figured out the protocol for the Volvo power steering pump. Then as we released the code online, one of us noticed a certain youtuber had mentioned we and Maxxecu are the only ones who figured out how to control it. He also mentioned that the price point of buying a whole ecu, just to run the pump alone, wasn’t mass marketable. Rob Dahm!


On this glorious day, website finally lives. Somewhat

On todays episode of what is occurring, our website actually does some magical loading, displays things that are somewhat true (we do sell ecus!), and as a cherry on top looks decent to my completely tasteless eyes. Welcome to NMStec, where the only thing we are good at, is electronics and engines.


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