News & Customer vehicles

News & customer vehicles

Much excite, very news.

New releases for those who want to test stuff

We are about to release 2 new products sometime by end of April, meanwhile we have prototypes finished.

  1. VR/MR Converter that can also act as a speed sensor conditioner and transmit WSS data to your ecu via CanBus.
  2. CanBus IO expander. Consists of 7 Analog inputs, 1 Temp input, 3 LS outputs, and 2 Push-Pull outputs. Working on making it universally compatible with every common ecu manufacturer that likes to overcharge for their proprietary expanders. Can also be used in standalone mode

Support for a new, and most powerful EHPAS we’ve seen yet

We found a new pump, that has a way higher bypass pressure (1700psi), and a very respectable 2.5GPM of flow. This is perfect for those heavier cars, large tires or AWD.

This pump can be found on Chargers, Challengers, Durango, 300, etc.

They command a very decent price below average overused Volvo pumps, and still outperform them!

EDIT: I have been recently updated that the volvo pumps have dropped in price and are now ~$200. I still recommend people use Mazda pumps if they don’t need the Dodge high flow/pressure. They are average 50-150 on the used market.


Beer Money Motorsports drift Miata

Beer money has been known to make some awesome products, including his eITB systems, turbos, and ECUs. In this case hes moved on to using EHPAS systems with the PSC for drifting as well as his “Lemon” for daily!


Gen 1 Camaro, LS3, with DCT. And a lexus steering wheel?

One of my first customers happens to have this amazing overbuilt track car, utilizing a newer Prius EPAS system. With giant 315 tires at the front, and all American weight in the front, limp wasn’t cutting it. So here he is plugging my controller away to the world!