Johan, from South Africa, and his insane Jeep

Another one of our customers has done something I’d say is pretty there with the word of insane. Short version, Jeep Wrangler with full Toyota powertrain (3UZ) and drivetrain swap.

In his particular case he was using an Astra pump (Gen 1). Those pumps have no canbus control, instead have an internal pressure sensors that detects rising pressure from steering input, and then in turn increase their assist level to cope. Down side is they aren’t powerful enough for this vehicle especially if rock crawling. After a few dead pumps, he found NMS Technology (Yes, shameless plug), and my post about the Dodge/Jeep EHPAS pumps. He bought one from a 2015 Grand cherokee, and I shipped him a controller. He wanted to keep the same idea of pressure control as the Astra pump. We wrote a custom bit of firmware for him (Quick and dirty for testing), and it worked surprisingly well from the first try! If you’re looking at the picture of Assist MAP, we recalibrated the X axis (Speed), into Pressure input. Since this all worked way too well, we figure we may have more customers looking for something similar. So now we are adding a new mode called “Pressure Control”.

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