Which EHPAS pump is right for me?

Quick rundown on what pumps you should be looking at for your cars.


1200psi 1.91 GPM
Min-Max times 1.2s

Recommended versions 2010-2012 from Mazda 3 & 5. Pre-2010 had water ingress issues. 2 Connectors on the pump means its the 10-12 variant, 3 connectors, means pre-2010 variant.

Average cost at junkyard: $50


1200psi 1.91 GPM
Min-Max times 4-5s (Depends on specific years)

Don’t recommend. Slow to respond, over priced compared to Mazda pumps.
Average cost at junkyard: $200

Charger / Jeep

1700psi 2.5 GPM
Min-Max times 0.3s

Recommended, but comes with a terrible design for a high pressure fitting.
We now sell adapters: https://www.nmstec.ca/product/an6-adapter-for-charger-jeep-ehpas/

Average cost at junkyard: $250
May require additional fitting: $90 – Projected cost from NMStec for AN-6 adapter.


1500psi 2.1 GPM
Min-Max times – Unknown.

Requires recoding. Will add support for that in the future in the controller.

Non-North American markets only.

Average cost at a junkyard: 50 Euros

Vehicle use scenarios:

Drift car, under 3000lb, large camber: Mazda, or Dodge/Jeep.

Track car, under 3000lb, mid caster angle: Mazda, or VAG.

Track car, over 3000lb, high caster angle: Dodge/Jeep.

Off-road, large tires, high weight: Dodge/Jeep.

Street car, under 3500lb: Mazda, VAG.

Street car, over 3500lb: Dodge/Jeep.


You can always go overkill on the pumps, but there’s not much use if you don’t need it. Pumps will not blow out your seals, as they only produce flow, while the rack and other restrictions are the ones that create the pressures. The recommendations I have added there are based on cost vs need. If I recommend a Dodge/Jeep pump, its because that style of car will probably need it.

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