Common EPAS/EHPS Connectors

Most of the competition tries to hide the connector part numbers hidden for some god forsake reason, I however do not share that sentiment. There is a fine line between financial motivation and just being an ass.

I on occasion release code opensource when I am sure it won’t financially hurt me, as there is no upside to keeping it hidden. In todays episode of this, its part numbers:

GT86/BRZ/FRS: 12 pin, canbus/ign connector:

90980–12614 AND 1747375-1

PINS: TE Internal #: 1674311-7

Toyota Prius: 8 pin, canbus/ign connector:


PINS: TE  Internal #:  1123343-1

Mazda 3/6: 6 pin canbus/ign connector:


Volvo TRW pumps: 3 Pin Canbus/ign connector

30658215 AND 7283-8977-30

2015 Dodge Charger EHPAS:


7287-0955-30 – Yazaki – In Stock, Buy Now! (

7287-1990-30 – Yazaki – In Stock, Buy Now! (

We will keep adding more to the list as they are requested or added. We are also thinking of adding them to our store. Leave us feedback as you see fit, or requests to

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