Ford Escape Column, VAG EHPAS, and Ford Focus support!

I’ve managed to add 2 systems successfully and one that technically works, but may be model specific, in a test stage.

Ford Escape columns from 08-12 are now supported!

TRW VAG EHPAS pumps are supported! Elektrisch/hydraulische stuurpomp Seat Ibiza ⋆ Elektrische Stuurbekrachtiging (

NOTE: These require a coding change with any tool that’s capable of doing it (Obdeleven, Vagcom, etc). We will add auto check of coding and adjustment in future, but at this time it will have to be manually done, otherwise you lose 50% of the adjustability.

2010-2012 Focus is TECHNICALLY supported. Unfortunately we do not have a car or rack to test on, and only have a 2018 C-max, which has similar data, but not similar enough to confirm. If you have one of these cars, please let us know as we’d like to run some more tests.

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