Sold out – Rev 1, 2, & 3! Revision 3.5 on its way and more products soon to come!

Well, never expected it to go this way, but always hoped so! Thank you for all your support!

I have just started production on 50 more units, and expect to have them in hand ready to go by February 23rd! This revision will have 12v push/pull outputs in order to support older instrument clusters and ability to control relays!

We still accept backorders, but heads up as usual, won’t be shipped until around end of February (Will need to test before shipping)

New products – VR Converter

In the works we have several more interesting pieces of electronics to come! First one is a VR/MR sensor conversion board. It will take your regular VR/MR sensors, and convert to either Hall, or MR, as well as transmit the data over canbus! If you tie in a canbus based accelerometer into it, it can also act as a Traction control system!

This is system is initially designed for those using MK60E5 ABS modules, where you have directional, and smart MR sensors, that don’t play nice with anything but an OEM setup. We hope to have that resolved.

This module also works well for ECUs that don’t have VR sensor inputs, or not enough, while still waiting to log wheel speed!

New products – Air Suspension controller

My personal daily car is a 2011 Q7 TDI, which I love dearly. Engineers did an amazing job with programming of everything! Except… For the damn Air suspension controller.

“Hi yes, the pump hasn’t built 10 bars of pressure in under 30 seconds, here’s a hard fault that disables your entire system including dampers.”

“Oh you’d like to drive fast in comfort mode on gravel? Too bad, here’s low level for suspension”

This drove me crazy, so I am just finishing up a prototype for a plug & play controller. With full OEM canbus integration, and complete mapping control of your car, you can do whatever you want.

You can also use it in other cars, or run it as a standalone unit

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