Support for a new, and most powerful EHPAS we’ve seen yet

We found a new pump, that has a way higher bypass pressure (1700psi), and a very respectable 2.5GPM of flow. This is perfect for those heavier cars, large tires or AWD.

This pump can be found on Chargers, Challengers, Durango, 300, etc.

They command a very decent price below average overused Volvo pumps, and still outperform them!

EDIT: I have been recently updated that the volvo pumps have dropped in price and are now ~$200. I still recommend people use Mazda pumps if they don’t need the Dodge high flow/pressure. They are average 50-150 on the used market.

Another huge bonus of this pump is its size and placement! It’s a horizontally mounted pump with sizes of 11″L x 5.5″W x 7″H.

The bonuses don’t stop there. This has the fastest response of any pump I know of in existence.

Quick video of this bad boy just after testing implementation:

Connector part numbers can be found in here: Common EPAS/EHPS Connectors – NMStec

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