New releases for those who want to test stuff

We are about to release 2 new products sometime by end of April, meanwhile we have prototypes finished.

  1. VR/MR Converter that can also act as a speed sensor conditioner and transmit WSS data to your ecu via CanBus.
  2. CanBus IO expander. Consists of 7 Analog inputs, 1 Temp input, 3 LS outputs, and 2 Push-Pull outputs. Working on making it universally compatible with every common ecu manufacturer that likes to overcharge for their proprietary expanders. Can also be used in standalone mode

It seems I have one extra VR/MR converter still available, and 3 IO expander units.

If you’d like to get one of these units, and use it on your vehicle, let me know. I will be giving these away for free under specific circumstance of you keep in touch to give feedback if anything goes wrong, or needs to be better. As well as actually sending/posting material on it working, like videos or pictures. I will use you as advertising and testing! Win-Win for me, and a Win for you that you get a free product!

Very likely these systems will require FW updates after I fix bugs or update features, so keep in mind I will be annoying you often! If this sounds good to you, email me at

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