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The perfect ECU for any car up to 8 Cylinders. Comes in a waterproof case, with waterproof connectors, and a compact body. With this you can run near any engine out there, in a small and reliable form factor.


  • Dual LSU 4.9 WBO controllers
  • Dual ETB
  • Dual CAN 2.0
  • Dual Knock channels
  • 16 Non-Injector Low side outputs, up to 7amps. (8 with flyback diodes)
  • 4 High side outputs
  • 8 Smart coil outputs & 8 IGBT outputs
  • 11 Analog Voltage inputs
  • 6 Digital inputs
  • 4 Temp inputs
  • 2 VR channel inputs


Can be daisy chained to other NMS ECUs and products to expand IO or functionality. With the LUA programming easily accessible to any user, you can add your own logic or compatibility with other competitor products easily!



2 ECU headers, and pins.

2 LSU4.9 Bosch headers and pins.

USB-A -> USB-B cable

(Flying lead harness sold separately upon request)



You can run almost anything, anywhere! Safely.